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Changing your background image
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Android 101 - Home Screen
Written by Mark   
Friday, 01 January 2010 20:11


If you have grown tired of the standard built in background that comes with Android, it may be now time to change your background to something meaningful to you. In Android the background image is something that you can customize, either with pictures from your email, pictures from your computer or even images you take with the camera on your phone to provide a background image that spans 3 or more widths of the screen (depending which phone model you have) and is truly personalized.


Please remember that the background image will stretch across the screen panes and that you may want to move around your application icons and widgets so you don’t hide faces in the wallpaper image. Also that the image isn’t necessarily the complete width of the entire desktop, as you scroll right and left the wallpaper image doesn’t move as far, this is why you will see parts of the wallpaper shared on panels side by sde.

Changing the background steps;

Two Ways to start it up

1. To change your background image, simply hold your finger any part of the background where there are no images until a context menu like the one below pops up.

Add to Home Screen

2. From the Menu on the home screen you can modify the wallpaper

From the Menu on the Home Screen

Screen 1

Select Wallpapers to change the background and you will get the next context menu

Screen 1 of Wallpaper

Pictures will take you to pictures which have been loaded on the phone already (any you have taken or downloaded), see Screen 2A.

The Wallpaper gallery will take you to preloaded wallpaper images loaded with the phone, see Screen 2 B.

Screen 2A

Pictures will take you to a scroll list of images, please note that depending on how many pictures are on your device this screen may take a while, once it loads you can scroll through every picture you have on your phone from your camera, and I even found images from an album I had on my phone. Once I select an image I am taken to a crop photo section, see Screen 3A.

Select Picture

Screen 3A

This screen allows us to provide the position and size scaling of the image for use as wallpaper, the box can expand and keeps the correct ratio for your home screen size.



Crop the Photo

Screen 2B

The Wallpaper gallery will show you the wallpapers in a scroll left to right control, let you change the image by clicking on one of the other wallpapers and also the ability to set the wallpaper by clicking on the set wallpaper button.

Wallpaper Gallery


Setting the wallpaper is something that can be done pretty easily and provides the capability to completely customize the look of your phone. Family pictures or other images can be easily applied and you do not have to be a graphic designer to get the right wallpaper image for you on your phone.

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