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Written by Grant   
Wednesday, 24 February 2010 20:41
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HOMERUN BATTLE 3D raises the bar for Android games when it comes to rendering graphics. This is a fun to play game that uses the accelerometer and touchscreen in your handset. Swing for the fences and see how many home runs you can hit in a row?



Download this on the Market here. 





When you first open HOMERUN BATTLE 3D, you will immediately see the difference in complexity of graphics compared to Android games you have been playing. When the game opens, you will find options on the main screen that allow you to customize your game play.




 On the bottom left hand side of the screen you will notice two buttons, one says Items the other says Scene. When you select Scene, you will see options to change the location of the ball park you play in. When you select Items, a list of items including helmets, shoes, bats and more, will be found. These items can be unlocked by purchasing the full version and increasing your skill level within the game. As is true with most games for Android, the free version has a limited selection of options and game play modes that can be expanded with the purchase of the full version (full version will be covered at end of article).



The menu at the top of the screen provides further game information, including stats on your Slugger, Rank compared to other players, Sound options, Help and a list of other games produced by com2us. There are two primary game play modes to choose from in HOMERUN BATTLE 3D. Matchup, which allows you to play against other competitors via a server and Arcade which places you against your own top score.






The game play is simple to learn and the goal is even easier, hit it out of the park. When you play HOMERUN BATTLE 3D you will see a shadow bat that sits on the screen above the plate. The bat is controlled by the tilt of your device. You will want to center this bat over the spot where the ball crosses the plate prior to swinging.



When you feel you are ready to take a swing at the ball, tap any location on the screen and your batter will swing. There idea is to hit a home run, however if this is not accomplished you will want to hit the ball as far as possible to gain additional points. During game play you will notice that there are golden baseballs that are thrown, which will provide you with extra points. You can identify these by the glowing circle that surrounds the ball when it is thrown.


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