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Iconic Memory
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Written by Mark   
Thursday, 18 February 2010 21:33
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Iconic Memory
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Iconic Memory is a fun little game you can play on the Android where you play a game of memory where you have to recall the random positions of white circles.

Download this on the Market here.

 Iconic Memory is very similar to CopyCat, it is a game of memory where you have to remember orders, sequences and patterns.


Iconic Memory has a number of different difficulties that you can work up to. Training is the simple part where only the colors on the screen change, we will talk about Survival mode in a second.

main page

The game starts off pretty simple in easy mode. Pretty simple find the white spots.

game start game start 2

So you match them and viola you go to the next level.

game play enter buttons got it

Mess up and run out of time and you have continues

out of time

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