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Written by Grant   
Thursday, 18 February 2010 21:09



CopyCat provides you with a game that is similar to one you might have played many years ago. CopyCat is a game that tests your memory with color and sound. See how many you can remember in a row.

Download this on the Market here.




When the game CopyCat starts you will see one of four colors, red, yellow, green or blue, light up. Each color has an associated sound. The goal of the game is to press the colors in the same sequence that is displayed by the game. Each time the game will add a new color to the sequence which will become longer and longer as you play. The game will display the sequence number you are on, in the middle of the screen.





When you get the sequence wrong the game will end and you will see a screen similar to the one above. Although hopefully you have reached a higher level. See if you can beat your personal best. If you don't want the phone to vibrate or make noise then press the menu button on your phone and then settings.





If you like the game and you would like to be able to adjust the difficulty settings or participate in a monochrome color challenge without advertisements, then purchase the upgrade on the Market for $0.99.




CopyCat was created by imgwerx.



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