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Written by Grant   
Wednesday, 17 February 2010 22:08
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Touiteur is a Twitter client that is available for the Android OS. Touiteur can manage multiple accounts, and provides a customizable color scheme. Enjoy many of the Twitter managing tools you need, with this app.


Download this on the Market here.


When you first open Touiter you will be prompted to sync your account with the app. Once this has been done you will be provided the option of adding multiple accounts to manage. As you can see above, you can easily add your accounts by pressing the Add Account button. Once you have your account established and open, press the button for the account you would like to manage.

When Touiteur opens you will be asked to adjust the color scheme that will control how your home screen looks. Touiteur provides a clean and straightforward tool to manage your Twitter account. In the example screen shot above you see the tweets from a follower list, that includes tweeted information with a time stamp. (the picture above has been manipulated to prevent pictures from being seen).  The menu bar at the bottom of the app allows you to see functions including, Tweets, Mentions, Messages, Search and Refresh the page.

To communicate with a follower press the avatar of the individual you would like to tweet with. You will then see a menu pop up that displays, Reply, Link, Retweet, Messages and More. If you press the More button you will see a menu that allows you to see additional information about the follower and options to manage the message you are clicking on. You can display the profile of the follower, add the tweet they sent as a favorite, email the message they sent, or copy the message to your clipboard.

If you want to send a tweet then you need to drag the bar at the top of the application screen down as though you were opening the notification bar in the Android OS. You will then see the screen below which shows your avatar and functions including, Attach, Shrink and Send.

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