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Written by Grant   
Monday, 15 February 2010 21:58


Mabilo Wallpapers is another great app that has creative and vivid wallpapers to pick from. Mabilo includes an Android section with a nice selection of Android themed wallpapers. One highlight of Mabilo is that it allows you to rotate between backgrounds based on an interval of your choosing.


Download this on the Market here.


Mabilo Wallpapers when first opened, provides a selection of 6 apps that are recommended in a banner under the company logo. Mabilo has four sections on the main screen including My Favorites, Categories, Search and My Downloads. To install new wallpapers, select Search and enter key words or press Categories. When you select Categories you will find a list of 22 different Categories of apps to pick from.



If you select a category such as Android for instance, you will see a screen that displays a selection of 6 wallpapers. To navigate between pages of wallpapers press the green arrow at the bottom of the screen. When you decide on the wallpaper you want, simply press the image and it will enlarge into a new screen. These selections include, Set Wallpaper, Add to contacts, Add to favorites, Share and Download.



If you decide you want to use the wallpaper on your phone then press the Set Wallpaper button. If you want to apply the wallpaper to one of your contacts, so that the contact displays your chosen wallpaper, then press Add to contact. If you like your selected image and want to save it for later then press Add to favorites or Download. The final option the app provides on this screen is Share, which allows you to share the image via the many channels available on your phone.



The final option which I found to be the a very nice addition to the app is the ability to enable and setup a rotating background wallpaper service. First press the Enable service button, then you must choose the Wallpaper Source and the Rotation Interval. Intervals range from every minute to daily. One tip if you plan to select short intervals be sure to include multiple wallpapers or it will become redundant.

Mabilo has a wide assortment of wallpapers that is sure to provide you with a background that can customize your phone to your liking. It is worth repeating that Mabilo can rotate the Wallpapers of your choice on the background of your home screen. This is a solid app that is worth downloading.


Mabilo Wallpapers was created by Mabilo Android Team.


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