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Written by Mark   
Monday, 01 March 2010 11:00

apk installer

This is a great application if you want to start to take your Android software choices into your own hands and put .apk files (android applications) onto your phone itself rather than just pulling from the market.

On the Market here.

 ApkInstaller is a simple application that will install applications contained in .apk files on your Android device. Basically it has a file explorer that can search through your phone or sd card for any .apk files you have.

 main apkinstaller

Once you have found an apk file and clicked on it, the application works just like the installation from the market, without the description of the application of course. I used the ApkInstaller to install swype on my nexus.

install apk  installing an apk

One important thing to note is that you do have to enable Unknown sources in your settings > Application Settings. This setting will allow you to install non-Market applications which is exactly what this application is doing.



 Ok so I feel that we should answer questions around security and the risk you may run installing applications this way.... Well, since you are running on an open system with an open market, the same argument could be made about every application in the market. I mean these applications are not reviewed orapproved that they do not have security leaks or other problems in there. My opinion is this you take a risk with anything you install on your phone, so either from the market or using an apk installer..

do your research!

Make sure that you can see people's comments about the application, and defintely don't just install everything you can especially from untrusted sources.



So how do I find apk files? there are a bunch of them I found through;

Google Search

Otherwise keep an eye out for people talking about apks!



 Good application to have to extend your application reach, especially if you are getting beta applications not on the market. I do not keep this installed on my phone at all times, just when I need it. 


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