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What Version of Android do I have?
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Android 101 - Android Basics
Written by Mark   
Sunday, 03 January 2010 17:11

Knowing the version of Android that you have will give you information about what your device is capable of and also which applications are compatible with it. The applications in the Market place with better software development methodologies will state which versions of Android they have tested their application in. If you do not know which version you have it is advisable that you find this out.


To check the version of Android you have on your phone start from the home screen and click the Menu button


Once in the settings menu scroll all the way to the bottom to the About phone entry and click on it.

About Phone

This setting screen contains a lot of information about your phone, we are specifically looking for the Firmware Version which is the version of Android on your device.

Firmware version

Once you have this number you can perform searches for the Android version within the Market or even within this site for more information about what your device is capable of based on its operating system version.

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